Approx. Size: 45 x 36 x 7.5 cm 

·        Premium Quality: Our chair cushion is made from 100% superior quality memory foam that is built to provide you with long-lasting support and comfort. The non-slip bottom cushion works best at room temperature as it gets hard in cold and soft in hot temperature.

·        Ergonomic Design: Improve and protect your posture with the u-shaped half ring back support memory foam seat cushion that provides support to the natural arcs of your lower back, resulting in ultimate comfort and pain relief. The soft mesh memory foam cushion wraps your hips and tailbone to give a relaxing effect, preventing compression against body weight.

·        Multipurpose Seat Cushion: The memory foam seat cushion is suitable to be used in any sitting position or any uncomfortable chair. You can use the body pillow in the car during long drives, wheelchair, office chairs, armchair, Aeroplan, computer gaming, and anywhere you like.

·        Various Benefits: The orthopedic memory foam seat cushion promotes proper posture and keeps your back in a comfortable position. The car seat cushion is suitable for pregnancy, coccyx support, sciatica and tailbone pain relief, lumbar pain, prostates, haemorrhoids, muscle fatigue and much more.

·        Easy Maintenance: Don’t worry if your desk chair cushion gets stained as it has a soft and smooth removable pillow cover with hidden zipper. You can remove and wash the pillow cover when you feel the need.

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Memory Foam Premium Soft Cushion

Memory Foam Premium Soft Cushion

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