• Complete Coverage
    Our Face Shields provide Complete Coverage. They cover the Eyes, Nose and Face! A lot more safer than just Face Masks on their own. Simply because a FaceMask doesn't stop your eyes and face coming into contact with Germs and Droplets

    Complete Protection
    Our Face Shields protect from Dust and Splashes, something which ordinary Face Masks don't do.

    Washable / Reusable
    These are fully Washable and Reusable. Simply clean with alcohol wipes and continue to use like normal.

    Comfortable to Wear
    At a time like this you want all your loved ones to be wearing these at all times. That can only happen if these are comfortable to wear. Our are fitted with a comfortable foam at the front section which rests on the forehead providing a comfortable and nice fit for all day use! 

    One Size Fits All
    These Face Shields come with an elastic back which wraps around the head providing a comfortable and stable fit. This also means that they can fit any head size.

    These are Fully Anti-Fog on both sides meaning you can wear these and continue to breathe as normal and no fog will blur your vision!

    FDA & CE Approved
    All our stock is FDA & CE Approved. That means they will meet all the relevant british standards as well as quality tests. 

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    Reusable Face Shield

    Reusable Face Shield

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